How I got AWS running inside Netlify

In a recent attempt to move away from Google analytics I wanted to be able to run the AWS command line tool from inside of Netlify's build process. Except it turns out it wasn't so easy to get AWS's environment variables in Netlify because Netlify have some undocumented reserved environment variables: …

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Written by Remy Sharp - - Aggregated on Saturday May 18, 2019

Newcrafts 2019 Day 1

This week I attended and spoke at the Newcrafts conference in Paris. The following is a mix of notes and personal observations I wanted to share, centered around some of the talks I saw there. Romeu Romera: Bourdieu's Social theory and our work in tech I had never attended a talk by Romeu before. I really …

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Written by Matthias Noback - - Aggregated on Friday May 17, 2019

Storing Jobs in the Database

If you don't have much control over the environment your application runs in, you might consider using the database queue connection. With this approach, …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Friday May 17, 2019

PHP in 2019

In an awesome post, my colleague Brent explains that PHP is in a very good state nowadays. If you dismissed the language previously, now is a good time to take …

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A letter from a reader

Whenever we write a book, we include our email at the end so people can reach out and share their stories. With their permission, I’d like to share an email we …

Written by Signal vs. Noise - - Aggregated on Thursday May 16, 2019

PHP Insights

PHP Insights is the perfect starting point to analyze the code quality of your PHP projects. Carefully crafted to simplify the analysis of your code directly …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Thursday May 16, 2019

Bash/Shell Autocompletion for Composer

The other day I opened up a PHP project that I hadn’t worked on in a while. No longer remembering which Composer Scripts I had defined for it, I needed to take a peek inside composer.json to see which ones were available to me. Then it hit me: why is there no autocompletion for composer available? Googling …

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