Weekly Update 105

It's another day-late weekly update courtesy of another hectic week. Scott and I were at NDC Sydney doing a bunch of talks and other events and I just simply didn't get time to push this out until sitting at the airport waiting for the plan home. This week's update is a little different as we did it at SSW's …

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Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Saturday September 22, 2018

Mentionable Usernames with TDD

For the next version of the Laracasts forum, we offer a small feature that provides @username autocompletion when writing a new reply. To populate this list of …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Friday September 21, 2018

Sublime Merge

The folks at Sublime Text surprised us (well at least me) today with a new app called Sublime Mere—a git client from the makers of Sublime Text. …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Friday September 21, 2018

Social Justice Attack Survival Guide

With the recent Social Justice capture of the Linux kernel, many in the open source world may find this guide from Vox Day to be useful. I present it here as a public service; you can find the original PDF here . If you are interested in how to resist the introduction of the Contributor Convenant and other Social …

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Written by Paul M. Jones - - Aggregated on Friday September 21, 2018

Laravel Health Panel

The Laravel Health Panel by Antonio Ribeiro is a package for Laravel that checks if the application’s resources are running as expected. Learn more about the …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Thursday September 20, 2018

September Project Updates

This month I released updates for a few of my open-source PHP libraries including league/commonmark , league/html-to-markdown , and colinodell/json5 . Here's a quick summary with release notes: league/commonmark v0.18 No breaking changes were introduced to the League's PHP Markdown library , but we did add …

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Written by - Blog - - Aggregated on Thursday September 20, 2018

Test Contra-variance

In an older but still relevant article on the Clean Coder Blog, Uncle Bob argues that the structure of your tests should not necessarly reflect the structure …

Written by - - Aggregated on Wednesday September 19, 2018

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently tells a client that the resource they’re trying to access has moved to a new location. The server will include the new location in the Location header. When a client sees this response, it should repeat the same request on the new location, and if it can, it should also update any links it …

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Written by Evert Pot - - Aggregated on Tuesday September 18, 2018

Laravel View Models

The Laravel View Models by Brent Roose of Spatie is a package that can move the work you might do in a controller to a “view model.” I really like the …

Written by Laravel News - - Aggregated on Tuesday September 18, 2018