Laravel Testing Crash Course

Let's finish up this series with a crash-course in testing Laravel applications with TDD. Using the example of "teams," we'll review two different forms of …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Thursday December 13, 2018

SymfonyTour 2019

The SymfonyTour 2018 is now over! We ended this wonderful Tour of Symfony conferences last week at the amazing SymfonyCon in Lisbon . With 900+ attendees …

Written by Symfony blog - - Aggregated on Thursday December 13, 2018

Updating WordPress GUIDS

Recently I changed domain name of one of my other WordPress blogs. However after transferring I found that the GUId’s of the old posts were not updated. They were still referencing the old domain. This caused the feed of the new site to show incorrect domains. My initial thought was to to use a plugin, but it would …

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Written by code-diesel - - Aggregated on Thursday December 13, 2018

Building Products - Starting from Square 0

Lately I’ve been preparing to start building a new SaaS product called Optionality . I thought it’d be good to not just talk about the code, but also the product decisions and marketing involved in building a product. So in this first post, I want to start at the very beginning. This is important because I rarely …

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Written by Jason McCreary - - Aggregated on Thursday December 13, 2018

Sessions and Flash Messaging

Because the web is stateless, we can use sessions as a mechanism for recording important user information from page to page. In this lesson, we'll review the …

Written by Laracasts - - Aggregated on Wednesday December 12, 2018

Route specific configuration in Slim

A friend emailed me recently asking about route specific configuration in Slim. He wants to be able to set properties when creating the route that he can pick up when the route is matched. The way to do this is using route arguments. I've written about route arguments before in the context of setting default …

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Written by Rob Allen - - Aggregated on Wednesday December 12, 2018

★ Handcrafting mocks

In an application I was working on I wanted to implement automated tweets. Of course, this logic should also be tested. In this blogpost I'd like to show you …

Written by - - Aggregated on Wednesday December 12, 2018

Git hooks on Windows

I recently was asked to add a git hook to our main repository to add the Jira issue number to the commit message in an automated way. We were so far handling this really inconsistently, with many commits not having the ticket number at all, while others would have them either at the start or the end of the commit …

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Written by Stefan Koopmanschap - - Aggregated on Wednesday December 12, 2018

Can’t Click in TeamViewer

I was helping a family member set up a new computer, a Macbook Pro, and I had them install TeamViewer so I could configure things for them without them having to read everything to me. They got it installed, and I connected, but I couldn’t click on anything on their computer and they couldn’t see … Continue reading …

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Written by Beth Tucker Long - - Aggregated on Tuesday December 11, 2018

404 Not Found

404 Not Found hardly needs an introduction. It’s by far the most seen status by developers and non-developers alike. 404 is emitted when a resource doesn’t exist, never existed or if the server doesn’t want a client to know that a resource exist. If the server knows the resource doesn’t and will never exist …

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Written by Evert Pot - - Aggregated on Tuesday December 11, 2018