Laravel Valet Environment Variables

To set/override Environment Variables in Laravel Valet, one had to manually edit the Nginx config files and restart Nginx after doing so. With the release of Laravel Valet 2.1.6 this is no longer needed: Valet 2.1.6 contains a merged PR that provides built-in support for an specific file named .valet-env.php in …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Thursday January 17, 2019

★ Fixing the valet share 301 Redirect Loop

One of the nice things of Laravel Valet is that it includes an easy way to make your local site available publicly. For this it has the aforementioned Ngrok built-in. To use it, just run the valet share command, and your local site will be shared through a * subdomain. However, when combining valet …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Friday November 16, 2018

★ Missing ~/.valet folder?

Earlier today I updated my Valet installation from version 2.0.x to 2.1.1. To my surprise the ~/.valet/ folder had gone missing, immediately making me think the update process somehow had gone wrong (even though Valet kept on serving sites) . Turns out that the ~/.valet/ folder got moved to ~/.config/valet/ …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Tuesday October 16, 2018

Switching PHP versions with Laravel Valet

For some older projects that I still need to run, I recently started using Valet. As those projects sometimes require different versions of PHP – or when I want to test them with the latest PHP version – I followed this set of instructions by Michael Dyrynda: A writeup is also available. Switching PHP …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Wednesday June 20, 2018