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Package Webpages as Apps with Nativefier

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Sep. 15, 2020

There are a couple of specific web pages I use in separate windows from my other browser tabs, so I can always find them. However this quickly leads to a too-many-browser-windows problem. Instead, I have been turning them into basic standalone applications with a javascript tool: nativefier and I…

Create .desktop files for Ubuntu

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Sep. 13, 2020

Having created a couple of .desktop files lately to make launching apps easier, I thought I'd write myself a quick reminder of what I did and how it works. If it's useful to you too, then great! I have one application in a weird path, and another that needs a specific environment variable set for…

OBS Studio, Ubuntu 20.04 and a Wacom Tablet

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on May. 31, 2020

When I upgraded my computers to Ubuntu 20.04, I noticed a weird problem with OBS when using an old Wacom Bamboo tablet (because, have you ever tried to use OBS without a pointing device?). I couldn't actually click anything! The pointer seemed to be ... pointing to the wrong place. After some resea…