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Stretch learning

Written by Cal Evans / Original link on Feb. 27, 2019

Dear Reader, As I write this, I a reading The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea. It is a fascinating look at the Gulf of Mexico, past and present. Most of the books I read attempt to make me a better business man, developer, or person. This one is far out of any of […]The post Stretch learning…

Reading the days news

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on Nov. 11, 2018

Almost every work day I have a routine where I try to stay up to date with the world through the paper, Twitter, and of course Hacker News for the nerdy stuff. Of course, all of these sites can be time-consuming and just staying up to date with these three could take hours a day. Here are a few boo…

Book Review: A Higher Loyalty

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on Oct. 19, 2018

A Higher Loyalty by James Comey has been out for a few months now and it is one I was hesitant to start reading because I assumed it to be a completely different book than what it actually is. I wrongly assumed it was all about politics and I was thoroughly surprised when it wasn’t.James Comey is a…