Earning more money as a PHP freelancer

Occasionally folks will ask me, “what does it take for me to earn more money as a freelancer?” They want to know if I have a magic bullet, or if I’ve learned anything through my travels in the business world. The truth is that there’s only one thing you can do to increase your revenues […] The post Earning more …

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Written by Brandon Savage - - Aggregated on Thursday September 24, 2015

Stop returning arrays (use objects instead)

When returning large amounts of data, it can be common to turn to a built-in PHP data structure: the array. But in object-oriented code, arrays make poor object-to-object data transfer mechanisms. Object-oriented programming is and should be focused on objects. That means that each array should be converted into an …

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Written by Brandon Savage - - Aggregated on Wednesday August 12, 2015

Service Classes, Payloads, and Responders

Revath Kumar has a good blog post up about extracting domain logic from controllers and putting that logic in a service class . After reading it, I commented that with a little extra work, it would be easy to modify the example to something closer to the Action-Domain-Responder pattern. In doing so, we would get a …

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Written by Paul M. Jones - - Aggregated on Sunday August 9, 2015

PHP 7 Benchmarks

If you know anything at all about PHP7, you probably know it's fast. But did you know how fast? The alpha is out and looks very robust, so I decided I would create a new set of benchmarks to include it. Graphs first, disclaimers later :) This graph shows the time it takes for each version of PHP to perform the …

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Written by Lorna Jane - - Aggregated on Monday July 6, 2015

Naming functions consistently

I believe that in order to write readable and maintainable code, we must name our functions in a consistent way. What I noticed by reading a lot of code, especially frameworks, is that developers use too many different verbs when naming functions. It’s even worse when the verbs are meaningless, such as handle, …

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Written by Anna Filina - - Aggregated on Tuesday June 16, 2015

Converting a Joined Resultset Into a Hierarchy

I needed nested resultsets in some projects. I’ve seen a lot of StackOverflow chatter which essentially pointed people towards Doctrine or Propel ORMs, which was overkill when you didn’t want mapping or even model classes. I built a very small function that will transform joined results into a hierarchy. This …

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Written by Anna Filina - - Aggregated on Thursday July 2, 2015

Why I support “The League”

There has been a lot of drama and press around it lately, but which does it really deserve? “The League of Extraordinary Packages” is what I have dubbed a collective of composer packages. Its essentially a group of developers who have gathered under a single flag (or in this case a vendor name) and set standards …

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Written by Rafael Dohms - - Aggregated on Tuesday March 10, 2015

20 Years of PHP, and how I got on this train

PHP, the most loved and hated language on the internet turns 20 today, 20 years ago Rasmus released Personal HomePages to the public , what happened next will blow you away™. Ben Ramsey called on us to blog about our history , so I decided to take a few minutes and do just that. Back in the 90’s in the midst of …

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Written by Rafael Dohms - - Aggregated on Monday June 8, 2015