Symfony Form Validation: Validating a date range

One of the (Symfony based) PHP projects I’m working on contains a form which allows the user to generate video clips from CCTV footage. To do this the user can enter a start and stop DateTime . For this to work the submitted input data is then checked: both start and stop must be dates, and the stop date must be set …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Thursday May 23, 2019

Bash/Shell Autocompletion for Composer

The other day I opened up a PHP project that I hadn’t worked on in a while. No longer remembering which Composer Scripts I had defined for it, I needed to take a peek inside composer.json to see which ones were available to me. Then it hit me: why is there no autocompletion for composer available? Googling …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Thursday May 16, 2019

Disable Hardware Media Keys Support in Chrome

A new feature that landed in Chrome 73 is support for hardware Media Keys . Whenever you press one of the play/pause/next/prev buttons on your keyboard, Chrome can now respond to this. video.addEventListener('pause', function() { // Video is now paused. // TODO: Let's update UI accordingly. }); video.addEvent…

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Written by - - Aggregated on Friday April 26, 2019

iTunes auto-rating all played tracks …

For more than a year it’s been bugging me that iTunes “sometimes” would auto-rate played tracks. It happened on some albums, yet not all albums. Back in May 2018 I posted this video on YouTube showing the behaviour: As you can see iTunes here automatically rates “En Masse” (track 10) from the moment it …

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Written by - - Aggregated on Thursday February 14, 2019

Laravel Valet Environment Variables

To set/override Environment Variables in Laravel Valet, one had to manually edit the Nginx config files and restart Nginx after doing so. With the release of Laravel Valet 2.1.6 this is no longer needed: Valet 2.1.6 contains a merged PR that provides built-in support for an specific file named .valet-env.php in …

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★ ESNext Proposals to look forward to

Yesterday I was invited as a speaker at the Full Stack Antwerp December 2018 Meetup at icapps . At the meetup I gave an adaptation of my talk “What’s Next for JavaScript” . The talk itself – which got renamed to “ESNext: Proposals to look forward to” – goes more into depth onto the proposals themselves, and …

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