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Focus on the target not the hazards

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on Sep. 13, 2020

I was recently playing golf at a course I’ve never played before and my playing partner would tell me at each hole what to look out for. “Don’t go left”, “Water to the right”, “Be careful of the sand trap”. I played one of my worst rounds ever. I didn’t realize until driving home what was going on.…

Path of least resistance

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on Aug. 11, 2020

Why don’t you blog more? I’ve came to the realization that the reason I’ve been slacking is because of the path of least resistance is social media. Just look at how easy making a tweet is: Write a quick thought, hit tweet and wait for the hate to come in. Where as if you want to write a blog post…

Domain Selling Scam

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on Jun. 11, 2020

Lately, I’ve gotten a few spam emails from a person claiming they want to sell a domain that is related to one I own. Here is a sample email: Hello,We intend to unload one of our cherished assets,{domain-name-here}Would you be keen to discuss this?This is priced in 3 figures ($199 to $999).If inter…