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Scrum Training @ Coolblue

Written by Coolblue Development / Original link on May. 29, 2018

We like to take small steps at Coolblue and become a little bit better every day. That’s why we like working with Scrum. It’s a flexible way of working, which you can compare to a coat rack where you can hang a different type- or a new coat each time. With Scrum, we can make sure all our teams in …

A day in a life of a Cloud Engineer

Written by Coolblue Development / Original link on Feb. 6, 2018

Parties. The perfect moment for an awkward conversation with your fellow-guests. At some point, you’re usually asked: “so, what is it you do?” Our Cloud Engineer Sander has a foolproof answer.What do you tell people at parties?As a Cloud Engineer, you work with the Cloud and facilitate the link bet…