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How to See Full Request URI in FPM Status

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Jul. 5, 2022

Or: How FPM status page can help when some URLS are blocked? I changed some code in my application, and now the tests suite is failing with many timeout errors. Huh?! 😮 What happened? The initial setup Before my changes, we had the following application flow: someone create a "project" (POST /proje…

Des frites, du PHP et de la bière

Written by JoliCode / Original link on May. 23, 2022

Eh oui, vous l'aurez deviné, c'est à Lille que s'est tenu l'AFUP Day 2022 ! Voici ce que nous en avons retenu, entre un welsh et une carbonade. Autour de PHP PHP 8.1 en détail - Damien SEGUY Quoi de mieux pour démarrer la journée qu'un talk sur le PHP ? Damien nous parle de cette nouvelle version,…

Using Symfony Form in WordPress

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Mar. 18, 2022

What a strange idea! Once upon a time, a developer was asked to move a form from one application to another. The source application was a Symfony app. The target application was WordPress, the CMS that runs the Web. Follow us in that journey that will take you to the edge of what is possible and wh…