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Adding Tables of Contents to Markdown

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Oct. 18, 2020

Once any document gets over a certain length, a table of contents can be useful. I have a favourite markdown table-of-contents tool but it usually takes me a trip to the search engine to remember what it is! (tl;dr: github-markdown-toc ) This tool generates a neat, nested table of contents based on…

Ulysses Plans to Improve The Code Blocks

Written by Eric L. Barnes / Original link on May. 7, 2018

From the Ulysses announcement: The next Ulysses version will ship with greatly improved code blocks. You’ll have to mark up the beginning of a code block only once to let it span as many paragraphs as needed. No more backtick fatigue! Also, we revamped the appearance of code blocks in the editor to…