What to look out for testing PHP8 JIT

Written by Benjamin Eberlei / Original link on Jul. 4, 2020

What to look out for testing PHP8 JIT

PHP 8 is coming with a Just In Time Compiler (JIT) and people are starting to test it in more detail. Here are a few things you should be careful about when testing the JIT:

Testing JIT performance for Doctrine ORM I setup this Github repository with more detailed examples, especially the php-cgi call, which I want to repeat here:

/opt/php/php-src/bin/php-cgi -T 10 -dopcache.enable=1 -dopcache.jit=1255 -dopcache.jit_buffer_size=64M index.php

The -T 10 here means 10 reptitions of the index.php script. This triggers OPCache and JIT optimizations on the first request and allows testing performance of already optimized code in subsequent requests.

The ini settings explained:

Looking forward to read more about the JIT experience from all of you!



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