What’s new in the upcoming PHP 7.4?

Written by Bram.us - - Aggregated on Wednesday January 9, 2019
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Good overview by Brendt on the new features that will be landing in PHP 7.4, which is due somewhere December 2019.

I’m especially looking forward to Typed properties. One thing I personally find missing though is how to typehint the contents for arrays — e.g. “I’d like an array of Foo‘s”.

The addition of a [] suffix on the type – like Java has – could potentially solve this. In the mean time you can resort to hackery like this (src):

// Definition
class ArrayOfFoo extends \ArrayObject {
    public function offsetSet($key, $val) {
        if ($val instanceof Foo) {
            return parent::offsetSet($key, $val);
        throw new \InvalidArgumentException('Value must be a Foo');

// Usage
function workWithFoo(ArrayOfFoo $foos) {
    foreach ($foos as $foo) {
        // etc.

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