Weekly Update 305

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Jul. 22, 2022


I broke Yoda's stick! 3D printing woes, and somehow I managed to get through the explanation without reverting to a chorus of My Stick by a Bad Lip Reading (and now you'd got that song stuck in your head). Loads of data breaches this week and whilst "legacy", still managed to demonstrate how bad some practices remain today (hi 👋). Never a dull moment in data breach land, more from there next week 😊



  1. The Yoda 3D print looks amazing (just don't touch his stick)
  2. New flash - social media platform collects lots of data! (seriously, the TicTok hyperbole got a bit too much this week)
  3. What if... some free stuff is actually free? (you're not always "the product" and in many cases, that's frankly a pretty disingenuous term)
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