Weekly Update 300

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Jun. 17, 2022


Well, we're about 2,000km down on this trip and are finally in Melbourne, which was kinda the point of the drive in the first place (things just escalated after that). The whole journey is going into a long tweet thread you can find below (or mute - that's partly why it's in a single thread):

It’s time for the next great road trip 🏎

— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) June 14, 2022

Next week is NDC Melbourne so please get along to the event if you're in town, it's kinda amazing to think I'll finally be back at an NDC after all this time 😊



  1. We're on another epic road trip (that's the tweet thread, I'll keep adding to it as we go)
  2. Been listening to the Hardcore History podcast which is epic... (...but very heavy listening I need to break into smaller sessions)
  3. It's NDC Melbourne nest week! (my first time back at an NDC since London in early 2020, and the inaugural event for Melbourne)
  4. The DivX SubTitles breach was 783k records worth of plain text passwords (it's a 12-year-old incident, but still...)
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