Weekly Update 299

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Jun. 12, 2022


How on earth does an enterprise rack-mounted NAS not come with rails to actually install it in the rack?! So yeah, that's what's in the box, something that should have been in the original box and not in a separate purchase. Just to add to the Synology packaging insanity, I went to install a couple of spare NVMe drives in it today and... there were no screws in the NVMe slots 🤦‍ I'll be doing the next four weekly updates from various locations around the country as we hit the road again, stay tuned for epic tweet threads of amazing locations 😎



  1. The Raspberry Pi racks are really sweet (the rack is looking pretty slick now!)
  2. Apple Watch fall detection is pretty amazing when you actually see it work as intended (I've had lots of easily dismissible false-positives on mine, but my father just demonstrated precisely how it's meant to work)
  3. A lot of personal finance is just basic maths and simple market observations (why is anyone even remotely surprised that interest rates are going up?!)
  4. The Indonesian government is now the 33rd gov on board HIBP (also the first one from Asia)
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