Weekly Update 288

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Mar. 25, 2022


Wow, what a day yesterday! I mentioned at the start of this week's update that Charlotte and I jumped on a chopper with our parents to check out our wedding venue, here's the pics and I just added a video to the thread too:

Well that was amazing; chopper ride to our wedding venue for lunch with our parents. So happy to live here and have access to such a wonderful place. And such a wonderful woman in @charlottelyng 😊 🚁 💍

— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) March 24, 2022

I talked a bunch about Okta today and shortly after, jumped in the car and turned on the latest Risky Business podcast. Have a good listen to Patrick and Adam's take on this, it's right up front in the podcast and well worth a listen. Here's this week's vid, enjoy!



  1. The Password Purgatory website is now up and running (give it a go, it's... infuriating 🤣)
  2. ZAP-Hosting was breached and heaps of chat logs leaked (their disclosure thread is a bit disjointed, but you'll get the idea)
  3. The Okta breach / not breach / situation hasn't been handled well in terms of comms (the actual incident itself may be minor, it's the handling of it that's the problem)
  4. The Italian government is now the 29th to jump on board HIBP (not in the bad "we got breached way", rather in the good "let's do something really useful with breach data" way)
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