Weekly Update 276

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 31, 2021


2021 Dumpster fire? Harsh, but fair and I shall keep this 3D-printed reminder handy and hope I don't end up needing to print a 2022 version! So many times throughout this week's video I came back to that theme... But hey, there was some positive stuff too, not least the bits about some of the wonderful organisations I've worked with this year, bought products from or otherwise just been a big part of my digital life in 2021. Thanks everyone for tuning in this year, back soon 😊



  1. Dildo-delivered malware - it's a great headline, but is it real? (Poe's Law in action)
  2. LastPass sent out a bunch of false positive "someone has logged into your account" messages (which was much better than someone actually logging in to your account, as many understandably presumed)
  3. The RadLine Stealer malware left its ill-gotten gains publicly exposed and it's now in HIBP (you really, really don't want to be in this one)
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