Weekly Update 275

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 25, 2021


I'd say this is probably the most epic scene I've ever done one of these videos from and equally, the main topic of the day around Pwned Passwords and the work done with the FBI and NCA is the most epic thing I've done for a very long time. On reflection, I feel like this is the first major step towards HIBP growing up and becoming self-sufficient; that Pwned Passwords piece is now owned by the community, supported by the community, contributed to by 2 of the world's foremost law enforcement agencies and used somewhere way north of 1.26 billion times a month. So there's that, and a whole bunch of stuff about this absolutely amazing location right here in my home state. I hope you enjoy hearing about that as much as I enjoy talking about it 😊



  1. Pwned Passwords, FBI, NCA and a whole pile of awesome all dished up this week (this whole piece of work makes me so happy 😊)
  2. Qualia is... out of this world (one of my top 3 destinations every, without question)
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