Weekly Update 272

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 4, 2021


Check out that lighting! The Elgato Key Lights have made a massive difference and they're easily controlled via their Stream Deck or the Home Assistant integration. I'm just super, super happy with these and after posting this video, I've fixed them directly to the wall using their Multi Mount System so it's now clean desk and clean line of sight between that and the screens. More tweaking to be done and more work to be done on the office, but it's all coming together very nicely now 😎



  1. My new Elgato Key Lights are now up and running (beautifully made product and a massive improvement on before)
  2. I may have underestimated how much it costs to ship books around the world for #pwnedmas (but hey, it's worth it, I'm sure they'll be well loved)
  3. The Ubiquiti breach that came from inside (this news goes a long way to explaining their reaction)
  4. The Register's piece on the Rosebutt data breach (Google images search, first result 😲)
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