Weekly Update 268

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Nov. 5, 2021


Where does the time go? Feels like not a lot happening then three quarters of an hour later... But there are so many cool, interesting angles to this industry that there's always something or other happening. This week, it's new (still broken) tech courtesy of RØDE, the old Coinhive site still not dying, a super nasty data breach in Israel and Pwned Passwords absolutely powering along in both volume and the open source initiative with the FBI. Enjoy 😊



  1. That RØDE mic - I just have no idea what's going on (it's only bad on my phone, why?!)
  2. I'm levelling up my anti-Coinhive efforts (if a site embeds Coinhive, it's now essentially unavailable)
  3. The CyberServe breach and ransomware in Israel is really nasty stuff (namely due to the presence of the Atraf LGBQT dating site)
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