Weekly Update 267

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Oct. 30, 2021


Now this office is starting to look good! New wallpaper is in and brackets for the shelf are ready, just waiting for it to be made and fitted now. Oh - I mentioned a sound absorbing material that'll go up the wall in front of me and the ceiling - here's what'll it'll look like:

During yesterday's weekly update vid I mentioned some sound absorbing material was going into my office. This is what it'll look like on the wall in front of me and ceiling. I reckon it looks pretty awesome 😎

— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) October 30, 2021

Awesome 😎 I'm going to share a heap more photos later on as things feel more finalised. For now, here's this week's vid:



  1. The RØDE VideoMic ME-L is just absolutely terrible (I've submitted a form, let's see what happens)
  2. I've bought an Ergotron Neo-Flex to wall-mount my ultrawide monitor (this will sit it really flush to the wall)
  3. Add to that a couple of Ergotron LX wall mount arms for the 27" wide screens (that'll get them off the desk and position them in the right spots next to the ultrawide)
  4. There's also an Elgato wall mount for the camera (thus completing my "get the stuff off the desk" goal)
  5. Is the CoinMarketCap "breach" actually a breach? (IMHO, yes)
  6. I was getting some nasty banding on my GitHub commit history print (still blaming the filament and / or humidity, I'll know for sure soon)
  7. Pwned - the book - is out in preview and getting heaps of feedback (we'd love to hear yours too, grab it now for free!)

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