Weekly Update 262

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Sep. 26, 2021


5 years of weekly updates, wow. It's not like anything of much significance has happened in that time, right?! I've done these videos every single week without fail, through high and lows and no matter where I was in the world. As I say early on, they've helped keep me focused and whilst it hasn't always been easy to sit here and create them each week, I'm very glad I've done it. I'm also very glad Scott joined me on this one and we could have a bit of fun, shows with him always rate well and I'm sure we'll do many more like this over the next 5 years 😊



  1. Scott's run-in with a patent troll is absolutely cringeworthy (and remember - DO NOT RT >>THIS TWEET!<<)
  2. Epik is literally praying for better security (not a tactic I think I've ever seen documented as part of anyone's security posture)
  3. McDonalds embedded a connection string into their mass email (clowns 🤡)
  4. Scott found some open redirects on government websites being abused in phishing attacks (this is such an old vulnerability, yet here we still are...)
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