Weekly Update 241

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Apr. 30, 2021


What. A. Week. Heaps of data breaches, heaps of law enforcement and gov stuff and somehow, I still found time to put even more IP addresses into the house courtesy of even more IoT. I'm not sure if the latter gives me a break from the more professional tech stuff or just compounds the amount of stuff I've already got on my plate, but I'm having fun doing it anyway 😊 All that and more in this week's update.



  1. Here's the thread on the ~250M US people data set (at 51.6% for the negative, this won't be going into HIBP)
  2. The FBI in conjunction with efforts from the Dutch NHTCU and German BKA grabbed a bunch of data from the Emotet malware which is now in HIBP (really happy to be able to support them with this effort)
  3. The Luxemburg gov is now on HIBP (whether it's Luxemburg or Luxembourg, I'm just happy to have them 😊)
  4. The Romanian gov also came on board this week (that brings it to 15 govs on HIBP)
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