Weekly Update 240

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Apr. 23, 2021


Lots of bit and pieces this week, most of which is self-explanatory based on the references below. One thing to add though is the outcome of the ClearVoice Surveys breach I live-tweeted during the stream: someone from there did indeed get in touch with me. We spoke on the phone, they confirmed the legitimacy of the breach and acknowledged they'd seen it posted to a hacking forum where it's now spreading broadly. They're working on their disclosure but as I said to them on the call, the fact it's now spread so broadly means I'm notifying my HIBP subscribers ASAP, which I've just done. 15M more record are now in there and based on the backlog I'm currently working through, there'll be well more than that many again by the time I do next week's update.



  1. How much of my home automation still works if my Home Assistant instance goes offline? (answer: some)
  2. Providing social media platforms that are both functional and resilient to scraping is extremely tricky (frankly, I think Facebook is being treated unfairly in this discussion)
  3. I'm so happy that traffic to my Coinhive website is declining! (it's down almost half over the last month)
  4. I'm also happy that my Coinhive message appears in 137k Google results 😊 (that's a good list of sites that still have Coinhive embedded on it)
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