Weekly Update 237

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Apr. 2, 2021


As soon as I started watching this video back, I remembered why I don't do daylight mode in these any more. It's just so... boring. That said, I've got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline to enhance the room design and lighting as I think there's still plenty of room for improvement, stay tuned for that one. For now though, a lot of this week's video is about the Ubiquiti situation and I'm very candid about my feelings on that one. I'm also very happy about what I've done with Coinhive, so enjoy listening to that piece 😎



  1. I tweeted about my annual purchase of 1Password and next minute, people are debating the virtues of cloud storage and open source software (tl;dr - just having a password manager is the big step, everything else is just debating tiny things by comparison)
  2. Krebs did a story with input from an insider that refers to the Ubiquiti breach as "catastrophic" (this reads really, really badly for Ubiquiti and needs to be addressed properly)
  3. Ubiquiti's response doesn't even come close to properly addressing the claims in the Krebs piece (this is 261 words of lawyer speak with very little of substance)
  4. Ubiquiti is now being investigated for possible securities law violations following the Krebs story (it shouldn't take this to get straight answers, but hopefully that's what the result of this will be)
  5. I now own the Coinhive domain and I'm serving up my own JavaScript to over 100k visitors a day (this makes me so happy 😎)
  6. Sponsored by: @Hack – from the masterminds behind Black Hat. Taking place in Saudi Arabia, 2021. Watch this space.

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