Weekly Update 231

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Feb. 19, 2021


I seem to have spread myself across a whole heap of different things this week which is fine (it's all stuff I love doing), but it has made for rather a "varied" video. I'm talking (somewhat vaguely) about the book I'm working on, how Facebook has nuked all news in Australia (which somehow means I can't even post a link to this blog post there), yet more data breaches, the awesome Prusa 3D printer I now have up and running and a whole heap more about the IoT things I've been doing. All that and more in this week's update.



  1. The Prusa 3D printer is awesome (I posted that tweet shortly after recording the video, that one is going to be a 14 hour print of a castle)
  2. The Facebook news ban has led to some absolutely idiotic political commentary (this is just face-palmingly stupid)
  3. And yeah, in case this is news to you, Facebook has blocked showing of any Aus news (that's both Aussies sharing news and other people sharing Aussie news)
  4. I finally have a really neat model for controlling smart lights with dumb switches courtesy of Shelly (it's beautiful in its simplicity 😊)
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