Weekly Update 229

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Feb. 5, 2021


This week's update comes to you amongst the noisy backdrop of the garden being literally chopped up by high pressure hose (which I think my beautiful Rhode Broadcaster mic successfully excluded). As I say in the intro, it appears the horticulture industry is a little like the software one where you get cowboys who in this case, put in plants that were way too big and whose roots now threaten to break through the tiles and the house itself, Little Shop of Horrors style. But I digress; this week's update consists of some brief discussion around data breaches and yesterday's blog post on how I like to meet, followed by a lot of audience engagement on the topic of IoT. I really enjoyed that and it went on a lot longer than planned, I hope you get something out of it too.



  1. There are a few fundamentals that IMHO, should define how pretty much every meeting is structured (messing this stuff up really makes my life hard at times)
  2. I'm building out a heap more IoT stuff at the moment (basically just working through rooms and doing LED lights controlled by Shelly relays)
  3. I mentioned the CES video with a bunch of new IoT stuff (liking those lights that shine onto the wall, I reckon you could create some great ambience with them)
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