Weekly Update 228

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Jan. 29, 2021


Well, it kinda feels like we're back to the new normal that is 2021. I'm home, the kids are back at school and we're all still getting breached. We're breached so much that even when we're not breached but someone says we're breached, it genuinely looks like we're breached. Ok, that's a bit wordy but the Exodus thing earlier today was frustrating, not because a screen cap of an alleged breach notice was indistinguishable from a phish, but because of the way some people chose to react when I shared the notice. Watch today's vid for an explanation on that one, there's that and a bunch more this week.



  1. Join us for NDC London today where Scott and I deliver "Cyber-Broken 3" (the session isn't recorded so if you're reading this after we do it, too late!)
  2. I'm getting really keen on Ligne Roset Cloud for improving the audio in my office (some of these patterns look really nice!)
  3. My IoT weather station is on the way! (I've ordered a Davis Vantage Pro 2 with the WeatherLink Live addon)
  4. Exodus crypto was the target of a phishing attack (or at least people who may have used them were, and the phish was indistinguishable from a legit data breach notice)
  5. I must have shared hundreds of breach notices that were indistinguishable from the (alleged) Exodus one (that's a Twitter search which would include a subset of the ones I've shared)
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