Weekly Update 215

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Oct. 30, 2020


It was a bit of a slow start this week. "Plan A" was to use the new GoPro with the Media Mod (including light and lapel mic) and do an outdoor session. This should really be much easier than it was with multiple issues ranging from connectivity drops to audio sync to simply not having a GoPro to tripod adaptor. I'll need to get on top of that before my big Xmas holiday trip and none of these are insurmountable problems, but this stuff should be easy! Can't feel too sorry for myself, had a great day on the water before that (exclusive wake park footage right there), but ended up in the office as usual. Enjoy 🙂



  1. It's a slow start getting my Ubiquiti doorbell going (it's not Ubiquiti's fault, I haven't even been able to plug it in yet!)
  2. Humans are bad at URLs (yes, that includes me, so let's stop moaning about "victim blaming" and talk about how to solve the damn problem!)
  3. The Finish psychotherapy breach and subsequent blackmail of patients and disclosure of data is unfathomably evil (hard to imagine the types of people that can justify this behaviour)
  4. In happier news, Reincubate have done a sensational job of their breach disclosure notice (this should be a case study for all those who are yet to write their own notices)
  5. I'm getting serious with 1Password and have joined their board of advisers (this is exciting given how much I've loved the product for so long 😊)
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