Weekly Update 212

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Oct. 9, 2020


It's a bit of a mega one this week running over the 1-hour mark, but there's been an awful lot happen during the last week that I reckon is of interest. There's a decidedly adult theme running across the topics not by design, but just by pure coincidence between the Grindr incident, a query I got regarding erasing one's adult website browsing history and the IoT male chastity device full of security holes and potential requiring a grinder (not Grindr!) to remove. We live in interesting times...



  1. It's NDC Sydney next week! (I won't "be" there this year, but the show is still going on)
  2. I'm super impressed with the quality on the new GoPro HERO9 Black (more of that to come, including some weekly updates outside the office)
  3. Chowbus got pwned (it's a really odd one)
  4. Your browsing habits may be yours forever if you're not anonymising your IP (what are you doing online today that you'd be happy to be public knowledge not just now, but in the future too?)
  5. The IoT chastity lock with the vulnerability which may require an angle grinder to cut it off you (wow 😲)
  6. Grindr had an absolute shocker of a security vulnerability (I do think they've handled it well, at least once the right people actually knew about it)
  7. The Canadian government is now using HIBP to monitor their domains (they're the 11th gov to be onboarded and I'm sure more will follow yet)
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