Weekly Update 211

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Oct. 2, 2020


This week there's a lot of connected things: connected shoes, connected garage camera and connected GoPro. And then there's Scott's Grindr account. Awkward. Actually, since recording this weekly update the details of the issue have now been released so I'll talk about that in more detail next week. This week there's all the above and, on a more personal note, my relationship with Charlotte. Enjoy.



  1. My shoes are connected! (that's the tweet thread of how to update the firmware in them - yep, updating the firmware in my shoes)
  2. My Ubiquiti G3 Micro is up and integrated with Home Assistant to raise motion events (this is super simple and I'll use it to trigger external lights once more Shellys go in)
  3. Got the new GoPro HERO9 Black to start doing some more weekly videos out of the office (might be some jet ski and wakeboard park opportunities in there too)
  4. Charlotte (not sure what I can say here, just watch the video 😊)
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