Weekly Update 208

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Sep. 11, 2020


The highlight of my week was absolutely getting the Shelly 1 units behind a couple of my light switches working as I'd always dreamed. It just opens up so many automation possibilities that I'm really excited about what I might do in the future with them now. When I get the place to a standard I'm happy with, I'll definitely do a good walkthrough and show how it all works. Until then, this week's update has some general infosec stuff but chief amongst that is the Giggle app situation. So many layers on this one, so many layers...



  1. Got the Shelly 1 working absolutely perfectly! (this is precisely what I always envisaged)
  2. Don't say your app is "highly secure" while the browser is literally telling everyone it's "Not Secure" (it's now fixed but still, how do you even start out without HTTPS these days?!)
  3. So apparently Michael McIntyre needed some good new material 🤣 (honestly, I couldn't care less if he actually did, that'd be kinda cool)
  4. If you want to go down a rabbit hole, read my short thread on the Giggle security situation then delve into the tweet threads 😲 (security is one thing, debates on AI detecting females and what makes someone one is quite another)
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