Weekly Update 206

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Aug. 28, 2020


Since I recorded this morning, I've had an absolute breakthrough - I CAN OPEN MY GARAGE DOOR WITH MY WATCH! I know, I know, it shouldn't be this hard and that's a lot of the point I'm making in this week's video. Having said that, some parts have been hard because I've made simple mistakes, but the nature of the IoT ecosystem as it stands today predisposes you to mistakes because there's so freakin' many moving parts that all need to be aligned. More on that in the video, plus some actual infosec content too! More on all of that next week 😊



  1. The BBC is now using Pwned Passwords (hitting the k-anonymity API too, plus wrote a great description of it in the aforementioned link)
  2. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, not a host, and they make it easy to submit abuse reports (but that doesn't mean you can ask them to kill content purely because you don't like it)
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