Weekly Update 204

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Aug. 14, 2020


It's an extra early one this week and on review, I do look a bit... dishevelled! I run through a whole bunch of things from this week's Twitter timeline and there's some great audience questions this week too so thanks very much everyone for the engagement. Next we'll do it at the other end of the day again and I'm sure there'll be a heap of new stuff to cover before then.



  1. The feedback on open-sourcing HIBP has been 99.99% positive (that's about as good as you can ever hope for on the internet!)
  2. I reckon 10TB Western Digital Red drives are the sweet spot for storing data at volume these days (not everyone agrees, of course)
  3. Amazing how many people chimed in on the thread re tamper proof screws (also amazing how many people were completely wrong!)
  4. I'm really not finding any good solutions for universal remotes I can program myself (chime in below if you have any great ideas)
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