Weekly Update 178

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Feb. 14, 2020


This week I'm at Microsoft Ignite "The Tour" in Sydney with Lars Klint. I've spent most of the last couple of days doing the "hallway track" (basically just wandering around and saying "hi" to people) and doing a bunch of meetings with folks here on cyber things. I didn't mention it in the video, but there was also the Azure User Group Wednesday night and a panel here at Ignite last night so definitely keeping busy. Not too busy, mind you, and I did manage to get a couple of blog posts out this week. I'll be home on the Gold Coast from tomorrow beginning what I'm planning to be an extended "quiet period" with a lot less travel and a lot more coding and blogging so next week will be an update from back in the home office. Until then, here's episode 178 of the updates:



  1. Should you ask your toddler for their permission before taking their photo? (there's actually some good sentiment in there, but some pretty extreme thinking popped up on Twitter as well)
  2. I've started using Brave browser and enabling people to donate to HIBP (the BAT model is pretty cool, worth a look IMHO)
  3. Lars spoke about trees being planted when doing a search (the service is called "Ecosia")
  4. Sponsored by: SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?

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