Weekly Update 130

Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Sunday March 17, 2019
Tags: weekly-update

Well that was a hell of a week of travel. Seriously, the Denver situation was just an absolute mess but when looking at the video from the day I was meant to fly in, maybe being stuck in LA wasn't such a bad thing after all:

But despite the dramas I did still (just) make it and got to do my talk so as close as it was, I'm still yet to miss one. This week I'm talking about a bunch of different travel things, upcoming events, data breaches and those ridiculous bloody cookie warnings everyone hates so much. Next week I'll be in Seattle and will probably also be pushing the update out a little late, but I will still be pushing it out. Until then, here's the week that was:


  1. I'll be keynoting at the Akamai Security Summit World tour in Sydney (it's on Thursday 28 of this month)
  2. Then I'll be doing another NDC meetup in Sydney (like Brisbane and Melbourne, that event will be oversubscribed so get in early)
  3. ixigo denies a breach (but resets everyone's passwords anyway...)
  4. These cookie warnings are absolutely ridiculous (they always were, but GDPR just continues the insanity)
  5. Ad blockers are also part of this whole problem (killing all ads - even those run responsibly - just makes the whole thing even worse)
  6. Varonis is this week's blog sponsor (watch their DFIR team investigate a cyberattack using their data-centric security stack)

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