Weekly Update 125

Written by Troy Hunt - - Aggregated on Friday February 8, 2019
Tags: weekly-update

I'm back home! It was an amazing trip in many ways, not least of which was the time it gave both Scott and myself to reflect on workload and managing lives which can be a bit of a never-ending series of commitments. To that effect, I've been backing off Twitter a bit and as I say in this update, I very quickly remembered why after a couple of short engagements yesterday. But moving forward, it's Microsoft Ignite in Sydney next week and that should be a great event, plus I'm talking about Google's Password Checkup extension and the other credential stuffing list "collections" I keep getting asked about. On that last point, I explain my hesitation with them in the video so for those curious about my opinion, hopefully this helps shed some light on things.


  1. As much as people may disagree with me online, I've never had a physical or even verbal confrontation in person (that's a link to an incident that panned out very differently for the bloke involved)
  2. Microsoft Ignite is in Sydney next week (I'll be there doing a bunch of different things, come by and say hi if you're around)
  3. Google launched their Password Checkup tool (if this helps people improve their personal security, I'm all for it!)
  4. Twilio is sponsoring my blog this week (they're talking about the PSD2 reg in the EU)

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