Web Design Weekly #390

Written by Web Design Weekly / Original link on Jun. 25, 2020


Skeuomorphism Is Making A Comeback

A solid post by Tobias van Schneider that recaps digital design trends and how we are starting to see trends repeating themselves, the big one being skeuomorphism. After Apples WWDC conference this was even more certain.

Safari 14 Beta Release Notes


Analyzing Notion app performance

Notion has been pushing some big updates on the performance side of things of late but Ivan Akulov reverse-engineered the app to expose what else could be improved. If you work with lots of JavaScript this is worth a read.

What is Developer Experience

Chris Coyier explores what a good developer experience is and sums it up nicely saying -

"A good developer experience is just being able to do your job rather than fight with tools. The tools could be your developer environment, it could be build tooling, it could be hosting stuff, or it could even be whatever APIs you are interfacing with."

Less rigid design systems

Derek Shirk shares some thoughts around how the design systems we create should support and help inform our decisions, not control them.

An Overview of Scroll Technologies

There are a number of scroll related technologies out there, so this article’s aim is to provide an overview of them and tools to help choose the one that’s right for you.

Talking TypeScript with the engineer who leads the team

Tools / Resources

Storybook Composition

Storybook 6.0 introduces Composition, a new feature that allows you to browse components from any Storybook inside your local Storybook.

Where Do You Learn HTML & CSS in 2020?

An post that looks at a bunch of options that may inspire you to level up in 2020.

GitHub Super Linter - one linter to rule them all

Mastering Components In Figma

507 engineering blogs

Bootstrap v5 alpha

Puppeteer v4


Making the Brand: Redesigning Spotify Design

The Return of the 90s Web

Last but not least…

A Short History of the Cooper Black Typeface


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