Web Design Weekly #388

Written by Web Design Weekly / Original link on May. 19, 2020


When bad UX is good

This article really resonated with me. Sometimes I feel we get caught up in all the new shiny perfect things and forget the power of the web and with our skills the ability to create "experiences".

Frontend Application Bundles (FABs), explained in 11 minutes

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Write Libraries, Not Frameworks

Brandon Smith feels that, if your framework can be a library without losing much, it probably should be. He backs up his statement with some pretty solid words.

For many, accessibility is an unknown unknown

An unknown unknown is something you don’t know you don’t know. When you’re just starting out with web development there are many unknown unknowns. Accessibility for many is one of them.

UX Design Methods In A Mind Map

This post by Mei Zhang explores some details about when to apply the appropriate design method.

Tools / Resources

A Complete Guide to CSS Functions

Like any other programming language, CSS has functions. They can be inserted where you’d place a value, or in some cases, accompanying another value declaration.

Programming Digest: Weekly News for Busy Devs

Programming Digest is a free weekly curated newsletter with the five most interesting stories in programming 👩‍💻, data 💾, and web 🕸️.

Design Systems: From Definition to Distribution

A 60+ page book on building, maintaining, and distributing your design system.

GitHub Codespaces

Get the full Visual Studio Code experience without leaving GitHub.

Enable Gatsby Incremental Builds on Netlify

Modern CSS Solutions

Lighthouse 6.0

Animate.css v4


Rebuilding our tech stack for the new Facebook

Science Fiction Movie Lettering

Last but not least…

Client-side-only is not sustainable


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