Web Design Weekly #387

Written by Web Design Weekly / Original link on May. 6, 2020


The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

If you are going to use a framework, then you have to take extra steps to make sure you don’t negatively impact performance on your site. Not a new statement but some very wise words by Tim Kadlec.

Atomic CSS-in-JS

Learn UI/UX with a $500 scholarship

Learn UI/UX with a job guarantee and a $500 scholarship. This scholarship is available to the first 20 students who enroll using code UIUX500. Fast-paced, remote-friendly, and structured to fit into your schedule. (


Selection in CSS

Ahmad Shadeed's blogging has been on point of late. This post is also awesome. It covers everything about selection in CSS.

A look into how the Firefox team ships Firefox

This post doesn't go into listing all the tools the Firefox team use, instead it focuses on the why and how.

A Critique of React Hooks

React Hooks are generally the rave but in this post Dillon Shook shares some concerns. Worth a read and testing your skills with the quiz.

Performance monitoring in CSS animations

Virendra Singh explores CSS based animations in detail along with their performance implications.

Tools / Resources

How Spotify organises work in Figma to improve collaboration

Spotify Design recently migrated to Figma. This post dives into some nitty gritty on how they use it. If you are a Figma user you migh enjoy this.

A Visual Guide To React Mental Models

By having a good mental model you can intuitively understand complex problems and device solutions much faster than if you had to find a solution with a step-by-step process.

Storage for the web

There are many different options for storing data in the browser. Which one is best for your needs? Pete LePage explains some options.

Some Little Improvements to My VS Code Workflow

Chromatic 2.0 — Code review, but for UI

The future of React Native for Web

UI cheat sheet: dropdown field


Tim Chang explains the coolnesss behind the new Build An Event site

Knowing When to Give Up a Fight


Product Designer at Canva

One of the principles of our design team is to ‘show the future’. As designers we transport the rest of the company into a future we’re yet to build. A big part of the role of a product designer at Canva is to be a visionary—visualising and reinventing the future of design.

Lead Product Designer at Postlight

We're looking for a thoughtful and passionate Lead Product Designer to join our team. You will be a leader on the product design team, working directly with product managers and clients to solve big problems.

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Last but not least…

How Open Source Changed My Life with Max Stoiber


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