USNWC Build Your Own Boat Competition 2019

Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Sunday October 6, 2019
Tags: general

Yesterday was the annual Build Your Own Boat competition at USNWC in Charlotte NC. The goal is that any team can enter and build their own boat and run it down the rapids. The winner is chosen based off a combination of crowd reaction, creativity, and the seaworthy-ness of the vessel. It’s always a blast and I love taking the kids.

This year didn’t disappoint and here is a short video with some of the boats going down the rapids. I tried to speed it up so it’s more enjoyable and to be a quicker video

The creativity of the boats this year was also fantastic. Here are a few photos from some of the boats

Super Mario Boat USS Heisenberg Team Baby Shark

A lot of fun was had, and if you live in the area, come check it out next year.

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