★ Upgrading from React Native 0.53.x to 0.57.4 (and to Xcode 10 and Gradle 4 along with that), a journey

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Back in November, after 6 months of working on other projects, I picked up development for the EV-Point Mobile App again. The app is built using React Native and is available on both iOS and Android.

As Xcode got a new major release (from Xcode 9 to Xcode 10) since my last time working on the project I figured I’d trigger a new build on Bitrise, then see which errors would came at me, and continue from thereon. What I didn’t know however is that it would eventually take me 3 days, 17 failed builds, lots of Google Fu, and some guesswork to get everything working again. Here’s an overview of the biggest hurdles that I had to take, along with their solutions. I hope they might help you too.

There’s always a green light at the end of the build-pipeline tunnel …

My initial plan was to first get the current version of the app – still running React Native 0.53.3 – to build again in Xcode 10, and only then upgrade the React Native version to the latest one (0.57.4 at the time of writing). During the course of my journey I eventually flipped that around, as React Native 0.57.x already contained some fixes that I was in need of.


Problem #1: iOS: React Native project won’t build on Xcode 10

Of course my first Bitrise trigger using Xcode 10 would fail (but one can always try, right?). What I didn’t expect is that quite a lot of things were going wrong (REF):

As I stumbled from one build error into the other (locally, of course) and tried fixing these one by one, I eventually found that the most easy solution would be to upgrade to the latest RN version (0.57.4 at the time of writing) as it already contained most of the fixes.

Solution #1 (part1): Upgrading to the latest RN version

To upgrade to the latest RN version I used react-native-git-upgrade. I didn’t immediately jump from RN 0.53 to RN 0.57 though, but gradually went through all intermediate releases.

# install react-native-git-upgrade
yarn global add react-native-git-upgrade

# Go to project folder
cd ~/repos/evpoint/mobileapp/

# Upgrade to RN 0.54.4
react-native-git-upgrade 0.54.4

# Upgrade to RN 0.55.4
react-native-git-upgrade 0.55.4

# Upgrade to RN 0.56.1
react-native-git-upgrade 0.56.1

# Upgrade to RN 0.57.4
react-native-git-upgrade 0.57.4

Using react-native-git-upgrade to upgrade RN versions works like a charm, but it might will require you to resolve a few merge conflicts …

Upgrading from one React Native version to the other …

Once I performed all upgrades I tried building my app locally and … yes, great succes!

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