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Written by Taylor Otwell / Original link on Jan. 12, 2014

Over the last few weeks, there has been lots of talk about PHP community, packages, and tribalism. So, I thought I would offer a few thoughts on the topic. Currently, Laravel is the most eclectic full-stack PHP framework in existence. In other words, Laravel is the only full-stack PHP framework that actively eschews tribalism.

Laravel, in additions to using its own custom packages like Eloquent and Blade, utilizes a whopping 23 packages from the wider PHP community. Using the “best of the best” PHP packages allows for greater interaction between Laravel and the wider PHP community. But, perhaps more importantly to you, it helps you write amazing applications at breakneck speed.

We don’t want to just speak about community, we want to participate! It’s been a blast to coordinate and talk with developers of so many awesome packages, and I’m very thankful that Laravel has been made better by their efforts.

So, in this post, I want to highlight just a few of the wonderful packages that make Laravel awesome.

A few highlights:

Carbon: An expressive date library by Brian Nesbitt. This library is used to power Eloquent’s date mutators. It makes working with dates in PHP easy and enjoyable.

Predis: A robust Redis client authored by Daniele Alessandri. Predis powers all of the Redis interaction Laravel offers, including the Redis cache, session, and queue drivers.

Phenstalk: Full-featured PHP client for the Beanstalkd queue. Powers the Laravel Beanstalkd queue driver.

SuperClosure: Written by Jeremy Lindblom, this powerful library allows you to serialize and unserialize PHP Closures. It is used each time you push an anonymous function onto a queue.

Whoops: Displays the pretty error pages and stack traces while Laravel is in development mode.

Monolog: The de-facto standard of PHP logging libraries. Used for all logging. Primarily written by Jordi Boggiano.

Boris: Really slick PHP REPL which powers the amazing “tinker” console command.

PasswordCompat: Powers the secure Bcrypt hashing that is used by default by Laravel. Forward compatible with PHP 5.5. Written by Anthony Ferrara.

Symfony HttpFoundation: Extremely robust HTTP abstraction. Well tested and proven in many large, real-world applications. One of the most important community packages we use.

Symfony Routing: This package powers the compilation of Laravel routes to regular expressions, a trickier task than you might think! This library handles a lot of edge cases very well!

Symfony HttpKernel: The HttpKernel provides HTTP exceptions, which are used to indicate 404 responses in Laravel. Also, and perhaps more importantly, this package contains the HttpKernelInterface which is used as the bottom-level abstraction for a Laravel application.

Symfony BrowserKit: All that slick functional testing that Laravel offers? Powered by Symfony BrowserKit!

StackPHP: This project outlines a structure for building reusable, framework agnostic middlewares at the HTTP layer. Utilized in Laravel 4.1+ for all cookie encryption, sessions, and more. Developed by two of my favorite and most respected PHP developers: Igor Wiedler and Beau Simensen.

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