The New Nintendo

Written by / Original link on May. 1, 2016


Samurais had only just been abolished when Nintendo started doing business. Nintendo has always been on its own track. And now that"™s changing.


Take your Zelda and NX announcements, discuss them all day if you have to, but the most monumental announcement is the birth of a Nintendo that no longer marches to its own tune.

Nintendo has always been at its best and at its worst[^worst] when it ignored what everybody else was doing, and carved out its own path. With the announcement that Nintendo will start making real mobile games, not just Pokémon spin-offs and weird experiments, and with this announcement of Nintendo’s leadership changes, we might have lost the single most important, most daring, most peculiar voice in gaming.

[^worst]: At its worst financially "” personally, I still think that Mario Tennis on the Virtual Boy is a fantastic game.

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