SymfonyConnect adds new badges for Sylius and API Platform

Written by Symfony blog / Original link on Feb. 13, 2020

SymfonyConnect is the social network for Symfony developers and it's used to authenticate in SymfonyCasts, Symfony Conferences and many other Symfony services.

SymfonyConnect also defines tens of badges to recognize the activity of Symfony developers in the community (e.g. attending an event, contributing code or docs to some repository, passing the Symfony Certification exam, etc.)

We've already awarded hundreds of thousands of badges to our amazing community and we're always thinking about adding new badges. That's why a few days ago we introduced two new badges related to code contributions:

We've also created a new Symfony 5 Book Backer badge to thank all of you who contributed to the original Kickstarter campaign for the Symfony 5 book. This is how these new badges look:


Hundreds of developers have been awarded these badges already. If you don't have a SymfonyConnect account, sign up for free in 1 minute and start collecting badges.

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