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Written by / Original link on Jul. 7, 2022


If you want to include Browser Support tables on your site, you can use this package by Stephanie Eckles

Query for CSS browser support data, combined from caniuse and MDN, including version support started and global support percentages.

Per feature that ask it, you get back an object with the browsers and the data:

  'aspect-ratio': {
    chrome: {
      sinceVersion: '88',
      flagged: true,
      globalSupport: 22.46,
      browserTitle: 'Chrome'
    chrome_android: {
      sinceVersion: '88',
      flagged: false,
      globalSupport: 41.34,
      browserTitle: 'Chrome Android'
    edge: {
      sinceVersion: '88',
      flagged: false,
      globalSupport: 3.88,
      browserTitle: 'Edge'
    // ... continued for all browsers
    globalSupport: 86.49

Stephanie also released a plugin for use with 11ty.


Do note that if you statically build your site, you will have to update dependencies and rebuild regularly to have up-to-date support data

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