Revive: A Free Tool that Analyzes Your Traffic and Finds the Content You Should Update

Written by - - Aggregated on Thursday July 11, 2019

I started Scotch as a web development tutorial blog. Over the years, I've learned far more than I expected. It was no longer just about web development and coding tutorials. I've learned much about:

Check Out Revive

It's a free tool so give it a whirl!

Trying on Scotch

We'll be trying this on Scotch to see which of our articles are stale. Now that we're 5 years old, a lot of our early articles could use a refresher. Once you've got the articles you want to update, make sure you update them, maybe tell Google to recrawl them, and reshare the article!

Animalz has a lot of great resources for content marketing. Check out their blog.

Here's some articles I found helpful from them also:

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