Real-Time Google Search Results API with serpstack

Written by / Original link on Jan. 13, 2020

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. serpstack is an API that queries the result page of search engines and gives you a clean JSON response.

Search engines like Google used to have straight-forward result listing which made scraping them a whole lot easier. Now, there’s videos, images, audio, definition pages and so much more. This makes scraping the modern search engines a nightmare. There’s also the dreaded captcha wall.

serpstack makes the problems list above non-existent.

serpstack will queries multiple search engines (currently supports Google) and prints the search results as a clear and easy to deal with JSON response. Each result type listed by the results page is highlighted by the API.

Getting Started

Create an account at serpstack, you can get started for free.

After you sign up, you copy your API key and replace “ACCESS_KEY” below with the new token.



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