Practical OOP: Building a Quiz App – MVC

Written by Sitepoint - - Aggregated on Saturday November 15, 2014
Tags: Design Patterns, Frameworks, PHP, Standards, BrunoS, domain model, mvc, OOPHP, quiz, slim, SOLID

In part one of this series we began, using the bottom-up design approach, by creating our Quiz and Question entities, writing a dummy Data Mapper class for the Quiz entities, and sketching the interface for our main service, \QuizApp\Service\Quiz, which will define the flow for a user solving a quiz. If you haven’t yet read the first part, I suggest you quickly skim through it before continuing with part two.

This time we’ll create and flesh out the \QuizApp\Service\Quiz service that will be the backbone of our application. We’ll then write our controllers and views using the Slim MVC framework, and, finally, create a MongoDB mapper to take the place of the dummy mapper we wrote last time.

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