PHPCompatibility is ready for PHP 7.0

Written by Wim Godden's professional blog / Original link on Jun. 29, 2016

It took a while to get it finished, but I finally managed to finish writing the changes for PHPCompatibility to include PHP 7.0 support.

Thanks to financial support from the cool people at WPEngine, the complete set of sniffs for PHP 7.0 is now available on Github through the usual link.

As always, tests include both forward and backward compatibility. It is advisable to run PHPCompatibility on PHP 7.0, as some sniffs can not be run on older versions. You can use the ‘–runtime-set testVersion 5.x’ parameter (replacing the x with the number of your chosing) to test your code for older versions.

The sniff includes support for all of these changes :

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